2016 Holiday Gift Guides – Part 2


I’ve rounded up a few more gift guides that I think will really help you out this holiday season.  Like I said before in my original gift guide post, all of the items I have listed are items that I personally own, have gifted, or are items that I want.


Key Smart Key Chain – I discovered this key ring last Christmas while searching for unique gifts.  I thought it seemed so cool that I bought one for my husband and one for myself!  We have A LOT of keys.  It takes 3 keys just to get into our condo, another key for the garage, another one for the mailbox, and another one for our storage unit… plus the car key!  Ridiculous, I know.  This key chain is awesome because of it’s sleek design.  It slips right into purses and pockets, but does take a bit of getting used to.  Awesome stocking stuffer item!

Venus ET Fleur Eternity Arrangement – I’ve been seeing these a lot on Instagram and Snapchat.  I’ve never personally ordered this or received it, but they look so pretty and last a year!  They have all different sizes and colors.  I would personally love a small round one for my desk… hint, hint, wink, wink!

eCreamery Ice Cream – We received this as a gift a few years back and has been our go to gift item for many occasions.  We’ve sent as a Christmas gift, Father’s Day gift, Birthday gift, and a Get Well Soon gift.  It’s just the best idea!  Not to mention, the quality of this ice cream is another level.  It’s probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had.


Paw prints Ornament – I saw this randomly on an end cap at Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day and thought it was the cutest gift ever for pet lovers.  I bought one for myself!  I haven’t made it yet, so I can’t give an official review on the product.

Friendship Collars – Ok, so I think this is a pretty cool idea.  Unfortunately, my dog has too small of a neck for most collars, so we can’t do this.  Haha.  They have super cute options though!

Donation to Paws – Donate to Paws or another no kill shelter in your pet lover’s name.


Blowout Gift Certificate – Every girl loves getting her hair blown out.  It’s just a fact.  I love DryBar, but really any blowout salon would be a great gift.  Other salons to consider:  Dreamdry, Goldplaited, Blowout Junkie, or you could even contact their stylist at their normal salon if you know where they go!

The Chaser Shine Cream – I swear this product is life changing.  My mom recently purchased this DryBar Cosmo-Tai Bundle for me for my birthday.  I like all the products in the bundle and is actually a great gift idea in itself.  However, I LOVE the Chaser Shine Cream that came in it.  I use it every time I dry my hair.  You can get it from DryBar directly or from Sephora.

Cabello Pro 3600 Dryer – My mom bought this for herself a few years ago when she saw it advertised on Jill’s Steals and Deals on the Today Show.  I happened to borrow it one day and realized she now owned the best hair dryer in the entire world.  She got such a good deal for herself, but when she ended up buying this for me for my birthday it cost her $200!  This hair dryer is currently on sale for $49.00!!!!!!!!!  Heck, you should just buy this for yourself.  I’ve owned mine for two years and I’m still obsessed.

It’s a 10 – This is another product I use every time I wash and dry my hair.  I spray it in my hair after towel drying it and then I add in a dollop of the Chaser Shine Cream.  Ever since I’ve started using both of these products at the same time, my hair blows out so smooth and quickly.  I also like It’s a 10 with Keratin.  I just buy which ever one is on sale.  This product is available pretty much everywhere hair care is sold.


Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick – This matte lipstick is amazing.  It’s not drying like some other matte lipsticks can be.  Bawse is the best red because it has blue undertones that make it look good on everyone and make your teeth look whiter.  The Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in Crimson is a perfect add-on to this gift.

Intellishade Matte – I was first turned on to this face lotion by a local spa called Lincoln Park Aesthetics.  I love it because it matches all skin tones and makes your skin look flawless.  It also has SPF 45 – gotta avoid those wrinkles!!!  ***UPDATE – this company does not have an affiliation with Amazon.  Please visit Revision Skincare’s Product Authenticity page for more information.

Neulash – I first learned about this from other bloggers over the summer.  I got mine during the Nordstrom half yearly sale.  This is for the person who is obsessed with their eyelashes (like me).  You’ll know if they are eyelash obsessed if they wear fake eyelashes, get eyelash extensions, or owns practically every mascara known to mankind.  They might also be identified by their most prized possession – their eyelash curler.  Haha.  This product is amazinggggggg.  You put it on your eyelashes like liquid eyeliner before bed every night for at least 6 weeks.  Then, out of no where, your eyelashes will be longer and fuller.  They will curl better and everyone will start to comment on them.  I have first hand experience with all of this.  Trust me.  I swear by this product.  I even had to trim my lashes because they got too long.

Ok, that’s it for now.  Again, if I think of more ideas I will definitely blog about them.  Happy shopping!

XO, Lauren


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