2016 Holiday Gift Guides


Does anyone else feel like Christmas is practically tomorrow?!  I mean seriously.  Shipping times are starting to get tight.  I’m pretty good at coming up with gift ideas, so I’ve decided to put together some gift guides!  Everything I’m posting about are things I already own, purchased for others, or want for myself.  Don’t worry… I’ve banned my family from looking at these posts until after Christmas.  🙂


Chicago Cubs World Series Championship Brut – Seriously, how cool is this bottle of brut?! This is the perfect gift with NYE right around the corner, however it would also be an amazing bottle to keep forever.

Fly the W Flag – Every Cubs fan should have this flag.  This flag could be used as indoor decor or hung outdoors every time the Cubs win.  It’s also super fun to bring to the game!

World Series Champions Baseball Hat – I bought this hat for my husband the day after the Cubs won the World Series and he has barely taken it off since.  He’s obsessed and said it was the best gift.

World Series Champs Winter Hat – This winter hat is impossible to find.  I know this link is out of stock, but if you can find it I highly recommend you buy it for the Cubs obsessed person in your life.  I did see a few on eBay…

Chicago Tribune 11/3/16 Chicago Cubs Championship Front Page Press Plate – This limited edition replica of the press plate used the day after the Cubs won the World Series is such a neat memorabilia gift.  You could take it a step further and have it framed.  You might also consider purchasing a framed newspaper from Etsy.


Corvine Model Two Wine System – My husband and I received this as a wedding gift and it’s AWESOME.  We love wine, but it takes us forever to finish a bottle.  This gadget allows us to enjoy a glass of wine from any bottle at any time without ever having to physically open the bottle.  There is a fine needle that pierces the cork and argon gas that pushes the wine through the device and into your glass without ever oxidizing  the wine.  The cork reseals itself when you remove the needle.  It’s crazy, but awesome.

Sphere Ice Molds – I bought these for my husband for our one year anniversary.  You might remember them from my Chicago Staycation – Part Two post.  These are great for anyone who likes to enjoy an old fashioned (or any fun cocktail) at home.  The sphere ice cube takes a lot longer to melt, keeping the beverage colder longer.  I bought the 2 pack and have just slowly been making a stash for him in our freezer to keep on hand.

Invino Wine Tasting Kits – I believe you’ll need to create a free account in order to access this, but these tasting kits are super fun.  I bought them through Groupon a few years back, but found they are running an amazing promo on this right now.  For $34.99, you receive a box of 6 tastings and then you fill out a tasting profile and send it back to receive 6 bottles of wine based on the profile!  That’s an insane deal.  When I purchased these, I just picked out three different tasting kits and got two of each.  My husband and I had our own little wine tasting at home.  It was a fun and unique date night.

Copper Moscow Mule Cups – Who doesn’t love a good moscow mule?  It is completely necessary to drink them out of solid copper cups.  The key is to make sure you are buying copper cups with copper on the inside too, not just the outside.  This makes the drinks taste better and stay cold for longer.  Don’t forget your Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon for these!

Carry-On Cocktail Kits – I’ve seen these for awhile now and have been wanting to get one. I first discovered them from Uncommon Goods, which is an awesome site for unique gifts by the way. A quick Google search informed me they are pretty readily available now from other retailers like Amazon and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  This is a great stocking stuffer item!


Personalized Pie Dish – I bought this for my mother-in-law and also received this as a gift from my sister.  It’s perfect for the person who is constantly bringing baked goods to other people’s homes.  If your name is on the dish, it will always be returned to you.  🙂

Silpat Mats – Every time I bake cookies, chicken, fish… really anything that requires baking on a baking sheet, I use these.  They are amazing and make cleaning up a breeze.  They come in many sizes and from many retailers.

Williams-Sonoma Silicone Spoonula – This is the best spatula I’ve ever used and I have a serious baking past.  Because it’s a spoon/spatula hybrid, it really gets every last drop out of your bowls.  I love it.

Apron – Bakers love aprons.  Especially ones with pockets.  Sur La Table always has a great selection of aprons to choose from.

Stackable Cooling Racks – These are key for anyone who bakes cookies, cupcakes, or muffins.  Maybe it’s because I live in Chicago and countertop space is hard to come by, but having stackable racks is incredibly helpful.  I’ve owned these Wilton racks for years and they are still going strong.

I’ll try to put together a few more guides, but in the mean time… happy shopping!

XO, Lauren

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