5 Things I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Yes, this is going to be your typical Thanksgiving post that every single blogger, facebooker, and instagrammer is posting about, but I don’t care.  I’m very thankful this year for too many things to name.  Here are my top five.


Education.  I graduated in 2007 from Illinois State University with an Apparel Merchandise and Design degree.  I was the first generation college graduate in my family and I am very proud of that honor.  Furthermore, I have had the privilege to spend the last two years studying at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to pursue my interests as a creative.  I recently acquired my Certificate of Interior Design in August and have decided to go for a second certificate in Studio Art and Design, expected Spring 2017.  I love going to class, being around other creatives, and delving into an area of my brain that has been in hibernation.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to continuously further my education.


Health.  I’ve been battling issues with my calves and feet for years.  I’ve spent more than half of 2016 in physical therapy and having test after test performed.  So far… nothing serious has been found.  About two weeks ago, I was introduced to dry needling and it has been a complete game changer.  My calves have finally loosened up and my pain has subsided.  I’m feeling better than ever and can’t wait to get back to my normal activity level.  I am very thankful that the issues I’ve had have been so minor in the grand scheme of things.


Riley.  All the people closest to me know how important my dog is to me.  I got Riley when I was 21.  He has been an integral part of my entire adult life.  He’s been through every break up and make up, the good times and the bad.  He’s been my roommate in seven apartments.  He IS my fur child.  Considering he almost died in 2015 (the ER vet literally told us to say our goodbyes), I hug him and love on him an obscene amount every single day.  I am thankful that he is such a big part of my life.


Chris.  My husband is the just best.  He is always so generous and kind.  He is supportive of me every step of the way.  Chris is patient with me when I get frustrated and makes me laugh all the time.  I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.  I love Chris so much and I’m thankful for him each and every day.


Friends and Family.  I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world with how great my friends and family are.  Like many of you know, my dad passed away on December 20, 2015.  My immediate family has had a rough go of it, but 2016 has shown me how strong my family is and how amazing our friends are.  I am thankful for every single person in my life and am beyond blessed to know each and every one of them.

What are you thankful for this year?  I would love to know.  Please write me a comment below.

XO, Lauren


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