5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling + Hotel Room Workout


Hey, Heather here!  I am so excited to be guest posting today for Lauren. I am all about living a fit and healthy lifestyle as a new mom and I love to travel. Let me tell you – living fit year round can be a challenge especially when fun last minute trips and destination weddings dot your calendar. Don’t fear – I’m going to hook you up with 5 of my tested methods of staying active on the road while still having fun.



Doing a little bit of research before you pack your bags can completely set you up for success. Does your hotel have a gym? Do you have access to a refrigerator? If you have free reign over where you are staying, use a website like Orbitz or Kayak to search hotels with only the amenities you want (like a gym).

On a work trip? Call ahead and request a refrigerator in your room (Bonus – ask them to have it plugged in so it’s cold on arrival). You can also ask to have the snacks removed from your room so you are not tempted (plus, who wants to buy $15 peanuts?!) Search nearby restaurants or grocery stores where you can easily grab salads and healthy meals to bring back to your room. Most big cities will be located near a healthy grocery store,  like Whole Foods, where you can stock up on pre-made lunches.

You can also be a little more aggressive and pack your own food ahead of time. Airlines will let you travel with packed food in both your checked luggage and carry on. Package food in clear containers and bags for easy inspection. Better yet – buy yourself a meal prep “purse” like these ones from 6 Pack Bags – and you can literally bring days of meals with you while looking cute.


I feel like junk food and travel go hand-in-hand – but it’s time to break up with your favorite fast food meal. If you have a long day of travel, pack some healthy snacks in your carry on bag.  Things like protein bars, pretzels, skinny popcorn, single serving peanut butter, and fresh cut veggies will all make the cut while going through security. Also, protein packed snacks will keep you full longer without suffering a post-sugar crash.




Vacation weight gain is usually caused by inactivity and constantly eating out/drinking. Here’s where I like to implement the 2/3 eating method, which means you make 2 out 3 daily meals filling, healthy, wholesome. I personally gravitate toward breakfast and lunch for these meals. Breakfast you can head down to your hotel’s restaurant or free breakfast and stock up on eggs, yogurt, and fruit. You can also bring your own oatmeal packs and to-go chia seeds in your suitcase for an easy and cheap breakfast.

For lunch, fill up on veggies and lean protein. Try topping a bed of mixed greens with grilled salmon or chicken. 99% of restaurants will have this on their menu. If not, ask! There have been plenty of times when “grilled chicken” does not appear on a printed menu but the waiter and chef are usually more than willing to ditch the breading and frying for my order.

Now let’s get to dinner. Since you are on vacation and will likely want to sample the local food, this is your prime chance. If you’ve eaten healthy all day – treat yourself! I still usually stick with ordering a protein, carb, and veggie. A glass of wine and a bite of dessert won’t hurt either ☺


If you’re staying at a hotel with no gym or limited equipment, you can bring your own gym in your suitcase. For Christmas, I gifted my brother with the Flight 001 Fitness GiftFor $40 you get 3 resistance bands, a jump rope, and an exercise booklet. You can also pack your yoga mat and Namaste your heart out in the comfort of your own room.


If all else fails and you’re really not feeling the gym/healthy food vibe – pack your favorite sneakers and get out! Your feet are the best gym equipment you own. Search a nearby park and hike around. Ditch a cab and rent a bike! Skip the pool and go paddle boarding. Whatever gets you moving – do it!

Here I am hiking on the rocks in Cabo San Lucas!
I cartwheeled my way through Scotland!

Alright that’s it! I hope this helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle on your next Getaway. Leave a comment below and let us know your FAVORITE fit destination. Also, be sure to check out DumbbellBlonde.com for more fit advice, free workouts, and healthy recipes.





Heather Stammen is a full-time mom, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and ice cream enthusiast. She writes weekly health and fitness articles on her blog, Dumbbell Blonde, and spends her free time with her husband Nick and baby boy Lincoln.

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