Baby Registry Must Haves + The Stores That Give The Best FREE Swag

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Registering for baby stuff is one of the most overwhelming things I’ve had to do thus far in my pregnancy. What a way to make a pregnant woman feel like she knows NOTHING about what the future is rapidly about to bring. Haha. I started registering online and fell down the rabbit hole for THREE HOURS. The sickest part of all? I had only added four things to my registry. I realized right then and there I needed to interview my mom friends ASAP.

I reached out to city moms, suburban moms, travel loving moms, working moms, and stay-at-home moms. I learned almost immediately that every mom and every baby has different needs. There were definitely a few items that most moms seemed to generally love, but for the items that were all over the board I chose to align myself with the moms who live the most similar lifestyle to me.

Here are the items that were repeatedly recommended:

1.) NoseFrida – This thing is beyondddddd disgusting. You literally suck boogers out of your baby’s nose… with. your. mouth. Apparently, it is a godsend.

2.) UppaBaby Vista – This chic stroller is quite the splurge. City moms LOVE it. I originally registered for a different stroller, but after testing them out in person decided to upgrade to the UppaBaby Vista. It’s really narrow making it an excellent choice for city moms trying to navigate tight restaurants and store aisles. You can also turn it with just one hand. It’s compatible with the Chicco KeyFit 30 (more on this in a minute), but you’ll need to purchase the adapter. I love that it comes with a basinet for walking around the city with my infant. This is a feature suburban moms might not use, since they do more driving than walking. The bassinet is also more beneficial for a baby born in the summer months as opposed to winter months – definitely something to take into consideration. This stroller can be converted to accommodate up to three kids, which is important to note if you plan on having kids back to back. And – it comes with rain and bug shields. You really get a big bang for your buck.

3.) Mountain Buggy Travel Stroller – I selected this travel stroller based on how my husband and I travel, which is usually by air. This stroller folds into a carry-on sized bag. It seems that a lot of the other travel strollers have to be gate checked, which then means you have to wait for it to be brought back to you. Having a stroller on person will make deboarding the plane a breeze.

4.) Chicco KeyFit 30 – This carseat is a mom fav across the board. It has a level right on the side making installation quick and simple. It clicks in and out of the base seamlessly and it’s one of the lighter carseats. I swear all moms have the strongest arms, but for the sake of backs it’s key to lighten the load whenever possible.

5.) Pampers Swaddlers – Diapers are definitely a personal choice and will depend on the baby, but I was told by several moms that these diapers are an amazing choice for new moms. They have a stripe on them that tell you when the baby needs their diaper changed.

6.) Sofie la Girafe – Apparently, this giraffe toy is great for teething. I like it because it’s cute.

7.) Graco Pack ‘n Play – Everyone has these. Literally everyone. I was told it is smart to register for two (one for each grandma’s house) as we will get years of use out of them.

8.) Boppy Pillow – The Boppy Pillow was another mom fav. It’s great for breastfeeding and for propping your baby up. They sell all kinds of cute covers for them too. I love the ones at Pottery Barn. Note: It was mentioned to me that you have to get the Boppy brand specifically. The knock off ones are not of the same quality I guess.

As an experiment, I decided to register at BuyBuyBaby, Amazon, Target, and Pottery Barn Baby. I wanted to see who gave away the best free swag and the results are in.

Pottery Barn Baby

Samples: NADA. Clearly they know that they have the cutest stuff and don’t need to give anything away for free. 😉

Coupons: Whatever comes through your email

Perks: 20% off the remaining items on your registry (exclusions apply)


BuyBuyBaby Free Gift.jpg

Samples: 2 Lansinoh disposable nursing pads, 2 Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags, 2 Seventh Generation Free & Clear diapers, 1 Belli Beauty Elasticity Belly Oil, 1 Belli Beauty Anti-Blemish Facial Wash, 1 Boogie Wipe, 1 Baby on Board sign, 1 Chicco Natural Fit pacifier, 1 Babo Miracle Moisturizing Cream, 1 Noodle & Boo 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash, 1 Noodle & Boo Super Soft Lotion, 1 MAM pacifier, 1 package of 10 WaterWipes, 1 Pampers diaper, 6 Pampers wipes, 1 Pampers baby wipe case

Coupons: Phillips Avent, Kinsa, Chicco Natural Fit, Seventh Generation Diapers, Shutterfly, Pampers

Perks: Friends referral program, price match guarantee, hassle-free returns, 20% off coupons, can use Bed Bath and Beyond coupons too


Target Baby Registry Gift Bag.jpg

Samples: 1 Aquaphor Healing Ointment Baby, 2 The Honest Company diapers, 10 The Honest Company wipes, 2 Babyganics diapers, 1 MAM pacifier, 1 Palmers Skin Therapy Oil, 1 NUK pacifier, 1 Philips Avent bottle, 1 Baby Dove wash, 1 Aveeno Baby lotion, 2 Lansinoh disposable nursing pads, 2 Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags, 1 Pampers diaper, 6 Pampers wipes, 1 Pampers baby wipe case, 1 reusable tote bag

Coupons: Aquaphor, Babyganics, Pampers, Philips Avent, Starbucks, Target, Baby Dove, Palmers, Munchkin Step, Boppy

Perks: 15% off coupon to use before baby arrives, free shipping & returns, hassle-free returns, group gifting option, registry app to easily scan items any time you are in the store, universal registry that allows you to add items from any site


Amazon Baby Registry Free Gift.jpg

Samples: 2 Seventh Generation Free & Clear wipes, 2 Seventh Generation Free & Clear laundry detergent packs, 1 Seventh Generation Coconut Care lotion, 2 Seventh Generation Free & Clear diapers, 1 Philips Breastfeeding Guide, 2 Avent daytime nursing pads, 2 Avent nighttime nursing pads, 1 Hudson Baby bib, 1 Bloom Baby wipe, 2 Babyganics wipes, 1 Burts Bees Baby Organic Onesie, 1 Baby Dove wash, 1 Aveeno Baby lotion, 1 Pampers diaper, 6 Pampers wipes, 1 Pampers baby wipe case,

Coupons: Seventh Generation, Pampers, Marpac

Perks: Universal registry that allows you to add items from any site, mobile registry, free shipping over $25, 10% off completion discount; For Prime Members – 15% off completion discount, free shipping over $25 or on Prime items, 20% off diapers and baby food, limited time offers such as free ebooks, $10 off Prime Now 8 weeks before delivery, 15% off Amazon prints

All these stores have such great benefits to offer making it a really hard decision on which store gives the most back to the consumer. Overall, I think Amazon gave the best items in their free gift box and has great perks. Target seems to have the best coupons, but BuyBuyBaby is the mecca of baby stores. Honestly, I think you can’t go wrong with where you register, but it is fun to get free stuff. 🙂

XO, Lauren

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