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Birthaversary 2019!

Every year on September 26 I celebrate what I like to call my birthaversary aka my birthday + wedding anniversary! Yes, I married my husband on my birthday. My 30th to be exact and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is absolutely crazy how fast time flies. In the last four years, Chris and I bought our first home and shortly after we closed on it, we found out I was pregnant! A few months later we welcomed little Miss Brighton Rose into our lives. It has been incredible watching Chris step into his role as a dad. He’s just the sweetest man ever with her.

Speaking of dads…

As joyous as this day is for me, it uniquely brings out a bit of sadness. My dad passed away shortly after we got married and of course, one of the things I miss the most is his annual birthday phone call to me… “Hi Lauren! It’s dad. Happy Birthday!” (Btw why do all dad’s announce themselves on the phone. Obviously, we know who they are. Haha. 😉 )

Unfortunately, this phone call is little thing that I know I will never have again. I like to listen to his old voicemails on this day to pretend that he called me. I turned all of his old voicemails to me into voice memos in an effort to keep them forever. (They are saved in multiple places – phone, cloud, computer, and on a USB drive.)

Anyways, this birthaversary we don’t have any special plans, but we definitely have a sitter for the day. We discussed going out for a nice lunch as well as maybe getting massages. We will likely figure it out the day of. Living low key is EVERYTHING these days.

Ultimately, marrying the love of my life on my birthday can only be described as the greatest gift that keeps on giving. It was the best decision I ever made and I’m thankful beyond words for this little family we created. Every year I am happily reminded of how lucky I truly am. Happy birthaversary to me as well as happy anniversary to my husband.

XO, Lauren

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