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Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to plan pretty much anything and everything I have going on in my life. Pinterest is basically my Google. One of my favorite ways to utilize the site is to help plan my trips! FYI – It can be a bit of a black hole once you start pinning away, haha.

I totally realize that my content doesn’t apply to all of my readers all of the time, so I’ve decided to start pinning images from my blog to Pinterest! It’s a great way for you to save the posts or images that inspire your future trip planning. Or – follow my Travel Board to just scroll through beautiful photos from around the world! Sometimes it’s fun to just daydream about going places, right?!

You can follow all my boards here.

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You can follow just my Travel Board here.

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Please note my page is a work in progress and will be updated frequently. I’m just getting started people!!! 🙂

You might be thinking – if Lauren loves Pinterest so much, why doesn’t she have a lot on there?! Well, one of my favorite features about Pinterest is that you can create secret boards! I have a ZILLION. I’m working on cleaning my page up to make it as easy to navigate as possible. Eventually, most of my boards will be public.

You might be thinking – If her page isn’t ready, then why is she sharing it? Honestly, because if I sit around and wait for everything to be perfect on every platform no one would ever hear or see from me again! I much prefer to just get the ball rolling and just see what happens. 🙂 #yolo

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Hope you are all having a great week!

XO, Lauren





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