Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and my guess is that you don’t have your costume yet.  My husband and I love dressing up for halloween, so I thought I would share our favorite costumes for your costume inspiration! Some of our costumes were really easy… some more involved.  Let’s start with the easiest costumes first!

1980’s Couple – Difficulty Level Easy


If it ain’t neon, it shouldn’t be on.  That is the motto for this costume!  All you have to do to pull off this costume is wear anything retro/neon that you have in your closet.  Hightops and spandex are encouraged.

Flapper & Gangster – Difficulty Level Easy


This costume was super easy because we just purchased these costumes from a Halloween store.

Similar costumes here: Flapper Girl and Gangster

Mummies – Difficulty Level Moderate


This costume requires a little bit of effort.  All you need are strips of white fabric or white tape.  We took an old bed sheet and cut strips of fabric. After that, we wrapped ourselves with the pieces of fabric and safety pinned them to our clothes.  I was wearing a black tank and leggings and my husband was wearing black sweatpants and a white tank.  Keep in mind that you will eventually have to use the bathroom.  Make sure the strips of fabric allow you to pull down your pants!  We made the mistake of wrapping and pinning our tops to our bottoms.  Oops.  It was easy to fix though.

Egyptians – Difficulty Level Moderate


I loved this costume.  We bought all the pieces from a Halloween store and then added our own personal touches.  I’m wearing gold flash tats on my arms and we also applied them to my husband’s neck.  I used gold eyeshadow all over my husband’s face, darkened his eyebrows, and applied black eyeliner around his eyes.  (Men are such babies when it comes to putting eyeliner on them… beware!)  I did not wear a wig for this costume.  I found an awesome tutorial on How to Fake a Bob.  I loved those heels, but my calves were too big for the highest strap.  I ended up just cutting it down to the next strap that fit my legs properly.  Shockingly they stayed up the whole night!

Costume pieces can be found here: Egyptian Goddess Costume, Gold Gladiator Heels, Pharaoh Costume, Flash Tats

Skeletons – Difficulty Level Hard


This was by far my favorite costume we’ve done together.  We hired makeup artist, Emily Wolf, to body paint my husband’s entire upper body and my face.  We even included our dog in our costume.  Haha!  My only complaint with this costume was trying to get my husband to shower at the end of the night.  I did NOT want black body paint on our white bedding.

Costume pieces can be found here: Women’s Skeleton Dress, Women’s Skeleton Leggings, Women’s Skeleton Gloves, Men’s Skeleton Sweatpants, Men’s Skeleton Gloves, Dog Skeleton Costume

So what are you going to be this year?!  Let me know in the comment section!

XO, Lauren

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