It’s Time to Netflix and Chill – Fall 2016 Edition

Netflix and chill season is upon us. 🙂 Who else is super excited?!  I never used to be a big TV watcher, but my husband loves watching shows together. It has become our “thing”.  In honor of Netflix and chill season, I’ve decided to compile a list of shows that I think you should watch.

The Crown


This Netflix original was released earlier this month. Based on the name, I didn’t think I would like it. It sounded too girlie or something.  I decided to give it a whirl over the weekend and I’m so glad I did.  It is about Queen Elizabeth II coming into reign and seems to be pretty historically accurate.  I keep googling to see if this crazy stuff really happened.  I’m about halfway through – I just finished episode 4 last night and woke up to fog today. It was a little unsettling. Haha. You’ll understand when you watch.  It’s somewhat of a dark show so far.  I love that it’s only ten episodes long and each episode is an hour.



I’m obsessed with this show. It’s about Pablo Escobar and the Columbian drug cartel in the 70’s and how the United States tries to take it down.  Escobar is a terrible person with a charming personality. There are moments where you might actually like him!  I did!  This show is pretty historically accurate as well, but they do dramatize and change names.  Beware of subtitles, but don’t let that deter you from this epic show as there are equal parts in English.  If you fall asleep easily like I do, the subtitles will help keep you focused and awake.  The second season was released in September and thankfully has been picked up for a third.

This is Us


Ok, if you haven’t heard of this show, you MUST be living under a rock. It’s on every Tuesday night on NBC. This is the only prime time show I watch. It really is as good as they say it is. I’m pretty sure I have shed tears during every episode thus far. My recommendation is to catch up on demand and start recording it ASAP.  (I despise watching shows on demand and being forced to watch a zillion commercials.  Such a waste of time.)  This show is being compared to Parenthood and I totally agree.  Just like Parenthood, it’s about one family and then breaks off into story lines about each persons’ family within the main family.


Side note: if you haven’t watched Parenthood, I highly recommend you watch this show. It will take you a long time to get through it as there are 105 total episodes, but it is OH so worth it.  It’s available on Netflix.

The Missing


This is a BBC show, but you can get Season 1 on Netflix and Amazon. My beef with this show is that it is WAY too realistic.  Season 1 is about a little boy who literally goes missing.  It could happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime and that’s why I think this show is so disturbing.  Season 2 is on now and covers a whole new story line.  I haven’t started Season 2 yet and can’t say if it is just as good as Season 1 was.

The Affair


Speaking of shows that are too realistic… The Affair is a show that will get under your skin as well.  As you can guess from the title… it’s about an affair that spirals into much, much more.  This show can be found on Showtime – Season 3 starts November 20th.  If you don’t have Showtime, no worries. Amazon has Seasons 1 and 2.

Like I said before, my husband and I watch a lot of shows.  As we discover more shows you should be watching, I’ll be sure to keep you in the know.  These four shows should keep you busy for awhile.  Happy snuggling!

XO, Lauren

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