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Last Minute Gift Idea

Christmas is two days away.  Oh man.  I bet there are many of you out there who still need a last minute gift idea.  I got you covered.  Give the gift of cookie dough!  It is half the effort of baking all the cookies and I can guarantee that everyone on your list will love it.

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Get a cute food safe container.  I have loads of these on hand year round, but if you don’t you can find cute ones at Target, The Container Store, JoAnn’s, Michael’s, and likely your grocery store.  You could even use a mason jar!
  2. Make your favorite cookie dough.  I made my secret chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.  If you don’t have a favorite recipe, make the Tollhouse recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag.  And for an even shorter short cut… buy pre-made cookie dough and repackage it.  (This is super cheating though and I think you should AT LEAST make the dough.)
  3. Write down baking instructions on a note card or recipe card.  If you are extra nice, you can include your recipe, but if it’s a family secret, the baking instructions are just fine.
  4. Freeze it and tell the recipient to freeze the dough as well.

The best part about this gift is that everyone is on sweetness overload over the holidays.  Giving the gift of frozen cookie dough means that they can make and enjoy awesome cookies a month or two from now.  Not to mention, homemade gifts are the best gifts!

Happy dough making!

XO, Lauren

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