Life’s Too Short to Not Burn the Good Candle

This month has been ridiculously stressful. If you read my previous post about making space, then you know I put a bunch of our stuff into storage. While MakeSpace made the whole process SO easy… I am now trying to adjust and find “new homes” for what is left. I feel as if our condo is in a state of chaos.

Furthermore, we are prepping our home to sell – which I’m sure anyone who has ever sold their home knows how daunting this process is. The bulk of the work that needs to be done is on the exterior and it keeps getting delayed due to the awesome weather in Chicago. Real cool, Mother Nature, real cool. Fingers crossed that the work can start soon.

With my stress at an all time high, one of my favorite things to do to decompress is to light my favorite candles. For YEARS I have been buying cheap candles because I just couldn’t bring myself to burn expensive ones. Then, with a recent asthma diagnosis, I was told candles could be a trigger! I mean… seriously?! I pretty much stopped buying candles all together.

At the point where I had pretty much given up all hope, Wicksly candles entered my life. Wicksly delivers an affordable, premium candle for $15 per month, shipping included, eliminating the guilt of burning the “good” candle. And guess what – they don’t trigger my asthma either. 🙂

Wicksly Monthly Candle July Guava & Fig 7.JPG

So what else sets Wicksly apart? I asked the owners:

How did Wicksly come to fruition? 

Having a love for incredible candles but not wanting to bankrupt us is how Wicksly came about. We wanted to be able to burn the “good” candle and not feel guilty about it. Hence the slogan “Life’s too short to not burn the good candle”. With that in our minds we put ourselves to task to create the best quality candle at a low price that made it affordable to have something luxurious delivered monthly but at the same time encouraged you to use it!

What are the candles made out of?

During our time researching we also learned that not all candles are equal. It became clear that so many candles smell so great because manufacturers use an oil by product for their wax. When you burn them you are creating oil by product fumes in your home and that did not sit ok with us. We decided that there was no need to be unhealthy to enjoy something hence the decision to use soy an all natural, non toxic wax. When you burn Wicksly you don’t have to worry about creating fumes in your home.

Where are your candles made?

In the USA! Soy wax is a renewable resource and supports the American farm industry. Soy wax retains its strong scent and burns up to 3 times as long as paraffin candles. All of our candles have been tested to ensure the highest quality product possible.

Why are they considered premium?

As well as using the highest quality ingredients in our candles we also worked with an incredible designer for our logo and packaging. We wanted Wicksly to be chic, understated luxury.

How long will each candle burn?

40 hours a month!

What do they smell like?

Each scent is suited to the month in which we send the candle to you. Think clean fresh scents in spring, breezy garden scents in the summer, spicy autumnal scents in the fall and warmth and cosiness in the winter.

I just received my second scent (guava and fig) and it might be my favorite candle scent I’ve ever burned. I’m obsessed. Friends of Sips & Sequins can receive 10% off their order with code SIPS10! *Discount code expires 12/31/17.

Wicksly Monthly Candle July Guava & Fig 1.JPG

Wicksly Monthly Candle July Guava & Fig 2

Wicksly Monthly Candle July Guava & Fig 3.JPG

Wicksly Monthly Candle July Guava & Fig 4.JPG

Wicksly Monthly Candle July Guava & Fig 5.JPG

Wicksly Monthy Candle July Guava & Fig 6.JPG

XO, Lauren

P.S. This would be a GREAT gift idea for that hard to buy for person in your life, a housewarming gift, or even a wedding gift! They offer 1, 6, and 12 month options!

Sponsored by Wicksly.

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