Nashville: The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Guide

Planning a bachelorette party in Nashville?! Stop everything and just become friends with Alyssa, my friend’s amazing MOH. Haha! Alyssa (and a few of the bridesmaids) planned a killer bachelorette party weekend and I have ALL the details to share with you.

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Where to Stay

Bachelorette parties are always the most fun when everyone is staying together – Airbnb’s or Homeaways are key! We stayed in a Homeaway condo just steps away from all the action.

What to Do

Before you do anything, the photog in the group must immediately download the app called Glimpse! This app allows you to record 1 to 3 second video clips the entire weekend and add that perfect song! It’s an amazing way to capture the weekend. Make sure to hold your phone horizontally!


  • Fly into Nashville!
  • Settle into your pad for the weekend.
  • Take the bride out for a kickoff drink at Honky Tonk Central while the MOH + bridesmaids stay behind to decorate (shhh – don’t tell the bride what they are doing!) and stock the house with essentials (i.e. booze and snacks!). Maximize your time by using these delivery apps:
    • Booze = Drizly
    • Snacks = Instacart
  • Come back and change for dinner.
  • Have dinner at The Listening Room Cafe followed by cocktails after on Tootsie’s rooftop!


Nashville Wineries Bachelorette Party.JPG

  • Don’t forget to make a “classy day” playlist for when you’re in the limo!
  • Come back to nap and change for dinner.
  • Dinner at Cerveza Jack’s


  • Nashville Party Barge! We were on the 11 am barge and had Alan as our driver. He gave us all the Nashville dirt as he drove us down Music Row. I thought this might be a cheesy activity, but it was SO much fun!

Nashville Party Barge Bachelorette Party 1

  • Don’t forget to make a “trashy day” playlist for the barge! You get to be your own DJ! I highly recommend throwbacks like Britney, N*Sync, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift!
  • Lunch at The Stillery (known for their mason jar cocktails!)
  • Come back and nap/recover
  • Cater diner from Martin’s BBQ to the house
  • Game Night!!! This is a perfect way to pre-game before the bars!
  • Head to the bars on Broadway!


Bachelorette Party Games

Guess Who Bought The Lingerie

  • Each guest brings lingerie for the bride and are used for decorations (hung by the MOH + bridesmaids on Thursday).
  • Bride has to guess who bought her what… if she gets it right, she gives out a sip. If she gets it wrong, she takes a sip!

Guess The Sexy Movie Title

  • The MOH places a sticker on everyone’s back with a “sexy” movie title.
  • Each person has to ask questions to figure out what movie title is on their own back.
  • If you guess the movie title and get it wrong, you must take a sip. If you get it right, the person who answered the question takes a sip.
  • Example of movie titles: Sex & The City, 40 Year Old Virgin, American Pie, etc.

Kiss My…

  • Hang up this Kiss My… poster on the wall.
  • The Bachelorette must put on the pecker lipstick, put on blind fold, and be spun by the MOH.
  • If the Bachelorette kisses the poster in the right spot, she hands out a drink. If she misses, she takes a drink and repeats until she kisses the right spot!

Bachelorette Jeopardy 

Bachelorette Party Games - Jeopardy.JPG

  • Use blank notecards and embellish them with numbers (Alyssa used the Cricut)
  • The MOH asks the groom the following questions in advance and writes them inside the blank notecards, but keeps the answers hidden on phone.
    • The Bride
      • 100 – What is your favorite body part of your fiancé?
      • 200 – What is her bra size? (Without looking!!!)
      • 300 – Where is she the most ticklish?
      • 400 – What color is she wearing right now? (i.e. on Saturday night in Nashville)
    • The Groom
      • 100 – What is her favorite body party of yours?
      • 200 – Would you rather go to a strip club featuring Kate Upton or win $20,000?
      • 300 – How old were you when you lost your virginity?
      • 400 – Would you choose a cheetah or zebra striped male romper?
    • The Couple
      • 100 – Who said I love you first?
      • 200 – Where is the weirdest place you and your fiancé have kissed?
      • 300 – If you could have sex with your fiancé anywhere, where would it be?
      • 400 – Who farts the most?
  • If the bride gets the answers right, she gives out drinks. If the bride gets the answers wrong, she drinks. 100’s = 1 sip  200’s = 2 sips  300’s = Finish drink  400’s = Take a shot

Sexy Charades

  • Write down a variety of sex related terms and put them in a bowl.
  • Draw a piece of paper and act out the word or phrase without making a sound.
  • Examples of terms: Blue balls, doggie style, bikini wax, motorboat, etc.

Porn or Polish

  • See if the bachelorette can distinguish between adult film names or nail polish colors! (Free printable here.)
  • If she gets it right, she gives out a sip. If she gets it wrong, she takes a sip!


Photo Booth – Everyone loves a good photo op! Grab a sequin backdrop and fun props for a DIY photo booth!

Snapchat Geofilter – Create a custom Snapchat geofilter for game night! Trust me – you’ll want to take lots of snaps.


Party Accessories – Make the party complete with custom party favors! Think koozies, t-shirts, hair ties, champagne glasses, tattoos, etc!



FullSizeRender 5.jpg

We couldn’t see out of the Team Bride sunglasses at all. Haha. Buyers beware! They are super cute though! From left to right: Alyssa (MOH), Olivia (Bride), Me

We had the best time in Nashville! Have you been to a bachelorette party there? If so, what did you do? Leave me a comment below!

XO, Lauren

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Killer Bachelorette Party in Nashville

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