Second Trimester Bumpdate

Two trimesters down, one to go! I can hardly believe how fast time has flown by! I mean… to be honest, that first trimester felt like it was never going to end, haha (read about that here), but the second – Oh. My. Gosh! Where did it go?!

I swear I have been in extreme “nesting mode” and it’s been crazy. Our new house has a big construction project going on and our condo is up for sale. We bought a new construction home thinking it would make our lives easier, but that hasn’t proved to be the case. Half our furniture is still tied up at the condo for staging purposes. Plus, we have upsized and need to furnish rooms we’ve never had before. I swear I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to get everything set up… from window treatments to furnishings to designing the nursery to getting TVs! I just know once this cute little baby comes absolutely nothing will get done, so I am currently racing against time.

If that isn’t crazy enough, I’m also my sister’s Maid of Honor. I’ve been trying to tackle all my duties while I’m still feeling good enough to do them. We have her shower coming up hot, which has been requested to take place at my house. It gives me a great deadline to work with. Haha. Shortly after I give birth, we have the bachelorette party. (YAY! Momma needs a cocktail.) Then, she ties the knot in September! I love planning events, so this is actually my mental break from all the other crap I have to get done.

Because there are so many fun life events happening in my family right now, we decided to have my baby shower a little early. It was such a fantastic day and a true highlight of my life for sure. (Read about that here and if you need help registering check out this post here.)

Without further ado, here are the major bumpdates!

How Far Along: 28 weeks! Baby is as big as an eggplant (14.8 inches and 2.20 lbs).

Due Date: July 6th

Name: We are struggling so much with this! We have a few picked out, but it will probably be a game time decision.

Sickness: The morning sickness has completely gone away. Same with my migraines. My asthma has gotten severe. Between my OBGYN and Pulmonary specialist, we have come up with a treatment plan that seems to be helping. I have a barking cough and raspy voice, so that’s been fun.

Cravings: I have to have sweets every single day. Like it is NOT an option. For several weeks, I had to have these mini ice cream sandwiches from Whole Foods or watermelon popsicles. I’ve been tapering off of this bad habit though. Haha. I’m still really into fruit. Luckily, I am not hungry all the time. I was afraid that would be a symptom of mine. I’ve turned into a snacker. I used to be a breakfast, lunch, and dinner kind of girl. Now I sort of graze all day. Oh, and I also am suddenly really into cottage cheese.

Aversions: Nothing to report!

Symptoms: Tender boobs (occasionally), a little round ligament pain, major acid reflux, lightning crotch (This was epically painful and hilarious at the same time. Picture getting an electric shock in your vag, screaming in pain, and then being completely fine 3 seconds later… haha, it was like I had Tourettes for about 8 hours. Thank goodness I’ve only experienced this once.), slightly leaky boobs (hi, colostrum!), hiccups, trouble sleeping, and peeing like crazy! That probably sounds like a lot of ailments, but overall I feel pretty great!

Physical Changes: I’ve been on track weight-wise, which I am very happy about. As a person who gains weight easily, I thought I would have issues with this. So far, so good. I just hope I don’t start to retain a bunch of water weight. My bump is starting to get in the way of normal every day activities like bending over. I’m wearing mostly maternity clothing with a few non maternity pieces mixed in. No stretch marks as of yet!

Most Excited About: How much the baby is moving! I’m finally able to interact with our little one. If I feel a kick or a punch, I poke back and we go back and forth about 10 times. It’s SOOOOO cute. <3

Exercise: This has been difficult for me since I was super sick in the beginning and now my asthma is so severe. I’ve been loving this prenatal yoga class at Midtown Athletic Club. I went to a normal yoga class at Core Power and I felt like a beached whale compared to all these fit little yogis in sports bras. At the prenatal class, everyone looks like me and we all move slow. Lol. I also love how the teacher includes our babies in the class by making comments like “now, lift up your babies and lean forward.” It makes it feel more like a mommy and me class. I love it. I also really like when my friend, Heather, posts prenatal workouts on her Instagram account (check her out here).

Birth Plan: We haven’t planned anything out just yet. We are signed up for three classes at the hospital though – Understanding Birth, Understanding Breastfeeding, and CPR for Infant and Child. We are also in the process of researching Cord Blood Banking.

Products I Am Loving

Snoogle Maternity Pillow – This pillow is insane. It is shaped like a giant C and is as big as another person. It wraps around my head and neck, goes all the way down my back, and wraps up in-between my legs. It has really helped me get better night sleeps. The second night I slept with it, I didn’t wake up until 11 am the next day!

Stitch Fix Maternity – I had no idea Stitch Fix offered maternity clothing, so the first time I requested an updated box I mentioned that I was pregnant and would like clothing that could easily work with a growing bump. They sent me a mix of maternity and non-maternity clothing and I kept every piece. The second maternity box I received I kept 3 of the 5 items.

Pink Blush Maternity – I saw an ad for this company on Facebook and was totally cautious about ordering from them. I started out just ordering one item at a time. Everything I’ve ordered from them fits great! I even got my baby shower dress from here.

Gap Maternity Pajamas – I’m OBSESSED with these pajamas. With having to get up to pee seven hundred times a night, it’s really nice not having to wear bottoms. The fabric is lusciously soft and the patterns are cute. My only complaint is that the sleeves are slightly too long. I’m 5’3″ on a good day, so maybe they will fit perfectly on someone a bit taller.

XO, Lauren

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