The Best Stadiums to Catch a Baseball Game

Yay! Baseball season is here! I swear baseball has been the hottest topic in Chicago ever since the Cubs WON the World Series. The 108 year long curse has FINALLY been broken and we can’t wait for them to win again.

I grew up a Chicago White Sox fan, but I have slowly been converted to a Cubs fan by my husband. With that said!!! I would best describe myself as a CHICAGO fan. It’s rare. In Chicago, you are either a Cubs fan or a Sox fan. It’s kinda hard to be both, but whatever. I am. 🙂

My husband (who is a huge baseball fan) and I try to catch games in various cities when we travel. Even if you’re not the biggest baseball fan – it’s still really fun to see how different the stadiums actually are. Unlike any other sport, baseball fields are not all the same regulation size like basketball courts, football fields, or soccer fields are. MLB likes to keep things interesting.

In honor of the season starting back up again, I thought it would be fun to write about my top five favorite stadiums we’ve visited.

5. Petco Park (San Diego Padres) – Petco Park is awesome because it’s location. It’s right on the ocean, but also centrally located in the city. The neighborhood is vibrant with lots of hotels, restaurants, and bars. You can even watch a game from outside the stadium! For only $10, you can access Park at the Park. You can bring your own blankets and food and see most of the field! There is also a giant big screen. How cool is that? I should also mention that the weather is essentially perfect in San Diego, so you can’t go wrong catching a game here.

Petco Park Mascot.jpg

4. Coors Field (Denver Rockies) – I’ve actually been to Coors Field multiple times. I just love it. The neighborhood is similar to Wrigleyville with fun bars surrounding the stadium. You get a great view of the Rocky Mountains + a ball game. And – since they are owned by Coors, there is plenty of Coors on tap. Yum.

Photo Credit: Stadium Arena Visits

3. Rogers Centre (Toronto Blue Jays) – We were able to check out this stadium courtesy of Draft Kings and it was awesome. They rented out the Summit Suite, which was stocked with great food and booze. The stadium has a retractable roof and it was open the night we went. They also have a hotel that is attached to the stadium. It’s so crazy. You can literally see into people’s rooms and vice versa. If you are staying in the hotel, you can just order room service, swivel your chair, kick your feet up and watch the game!


2. Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox) – I got my husband tickets to sit in the Green Monster Seats for his birthday a few years ago. The Green Monster Seats are cool because they are on top of a 37′ tall wall where LOTS of homers are hit. Because Fenway is so small, sometimes you can’t even see the left fielder because he’s directly below you! This field is super old and iconic like Wrigley Field. It’s cool to feel like you are stepping back in time to watch America’s favorite past-time.

Fenway Park Exterior Sign

Fenway Park Exterior 1

Fenway from Green Moster Seats

1. Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs) – HOLY COW! (in my best Harry Carry voice) My all time favorite stadium is Wrigley Field. It used to be called ‘Home of the Lovable Losers’ but since we won… I mean… now it’s the home of the WINNERS. 🙂


Chicago Cubs Marquee World Series

The reason Wrigley earned that name is because everyone is just so happy when they are there! The outfield walls are covered in green ivy and the original scoreboard is pretty cool too. They change some of the data by hand!

Chicago Cubs Scoreboard

Because it’s the oldest stadium in the National League and is relatively small, no matter where you sit you’ll get a great view. My personal favorite place to sit is in the bleachers. It’s so fun and basically a giant Cubs party! You could also catch a game from a neighboring rooftop, which is pretty unique to Wrigleyville.



Chicago Cubs Right Field

Speaking of, spending time in Wrigleyville before and after the game is an absolute must! It’s a blast. In fact, if you don’t feel like spending your dough on tickets to the game – watching the game at any of the bars in the neighborhood can be almost just as fun!

We Did Not Suck Chicago Cubs

And… the Cubs have an epic song. Nothing better than a Cubs win and chanting Go Cubs Go with all your friends in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

Let’s Play Ball!

XO, Lauren

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