Third Trimester Bumpdate

So I’ve been pregnant for 258 days… INsane. It feels like eternity. I don’t even remember what pre-pregnancy life is like, haha. I haven’t had the easiest pregnancy either, so I’m definitely ready to meet our cute little baby.

Overall, I feel “ready” or as ready as I can be I should say. The nursery is pretty much done and all the baby’s clothes and linens are washed. I’ve put together all of the baby’s gear, installed the car seat, and registered all the products. Diaper stations have been stocked around the house. I have compiled a long list of shows to watch while breastfeeding. I stocked up on a bunch of postnatal care items. The only thing left to do (I think) is to finish packing my hospital bag.

How Far Along: 37 weeks! Baby is as big as romaine lettuce and approximately 6.17 lbs and 18.9 in long.

Due Date: July 6

Name: Still no idea. We have two girl names and three boy names… It is so much pressure to name a baby!

Sickness: You guys – what the heck. All you people who say “I love being pregnant” or “pregnancy is so easy!” have to be lying… I’m convinced. In my first trimester, I had the worst morning sickness ever and that transitioned into terrible migraines. In my second trimester, I suffered from the worst asthma I have ever had in my life for a solid four months.

I had two FANTASTIC weeks until I started noticing this really weird, sharp pain shooting down my inner thighs while rolling over in bed. This started around 32 weeks and only hurt me at night. Well, that pain quickly progressed over the course of a week making it difficult to get in or out of bed and then walking to the bathroom was oddly difficult. However, I would feel fine in the morning. It really wasn’t too too annoying.

Well, from week 33 to week 34 it progressed even further! At this point, my daily life was being impacted. I could hardly walk a half a mile without having to take several breaks due to severe lower back pain. Sitting hurt. Standing hurt. Sleeping hurt. When I would roll over, it would bring tears to my eyes. When I would get out of bed to use the bathroom, I would walk hunched over at a 45º angle and unable to lift my feet off the ground. Something was seriously wrong.

At my 34 week appointment, I was written an order to go to physical therapy. I was in the most pain I’ve ever been in my entire life at that appointment. Thankfully, I was able to get into PT the very next day with a women’s pelvic health specialist. She diagnosed me with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). Basically, my body is producing too much of the relaxin hormone which is making the symphysis pubis joint in my pelvis very unstable. It feels like I have a broken tailbone in the back and got kicked in the crotch in the front. Sometimes I can feel the bones slide in and out of place when I move. They also crack very loudly when I roll over in bed. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do aside from pain management until the baby comes. Hurry up, little one!

Cravings: Vanilla soft serve ice cream, pellet ice from Sonic, s’mores

Aversions: Nothing

Physical Changes: I’m still on track weight-wise. My bump gets in the way of everything. It’s almost impossible to bend over these days and getting in the car is a joke. Haha.  Because of SPD, if I go out to dinner I can’t sit for longer than 15 minutes at a time before I am forced to stand. Still no stretch marks, but I do have that dark line down the middle of my stomach.

Most Excited About: Meeting the baby!!!

Exercise: Ha… I can only do about an hour of movement a day before my pelvic pain is too great. There has been zero exercise aside from my daily PT exercises. I did go to the pool and swimming is glorious. It takes all the pressure off my joints and I feel normal until I get out – then all the pain comes right back.

Birth Plan: My husband and I decided that we aren’t going to write one. We went through the birth plan on The Bump and talked about everything. We agreed on what we deem to be the most important, non-negotiable items and plan to trust the doctors with the rest.

I don’t think much will change between now and when I deliver. Fingers crossed I have a smooth delivery and easy baby! 🙂

XO, Lauren

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  1. I can’t believe how close you are. I’m so excited for you!!! These symptoms are nuts… you’re one strong mama my friend! XOXO

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