What To Do On A Gloomy Chicago Night

I don’t know about you, but these gloomy days have been KILLING me. I’m not motivated to do anything but stay at home! I’m totally that person that says… “Eh, no thanks. You can come over here if you want!” Who’s with me?! Haha.

Now what?! People are on their way and you have literally nothing planned. You could either sit around and stare at each other – or – host an impromtu GAME NIGHT! I promise your friends will love it. Mine do!

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Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games are the PERFECT party games because you can instantly download them (Xbox One, PS4, Stream, Amazon Fire, Apple TV 4th Gen,  Mac App Store, etc) and display on your TV. Your guests play with their own cell phones! All you need is wifi and maybe an HDMI cord (only required if downloaded to computer and want to display on TV).

I recommend purchasing Jackbox Party Pack 3, but all their games are fun. You can’t go wrong. All games in the party pack can be played with up to 8 people, however if you have more friends over they can still participate as “the audience”. Each game can accomodate up to 10,000 audience members.

My favorite game within Party Pack 3 is Tee K.O. You and your friends come up with funny t-shirt slogans and designs. The designs are pitted against one another to battle it out. The funniest/best design combination wins! At the end of the game, you can BUY an actual t-shirt with your favorite design on it!

Jackbox TV Tee KO Tshirt Design.jpg
My brother wouldn’t tell us who he voted for, so this happened. Haha. It was given as a gift at Christmas this year!

If you download this game on your computer, it makes for a great family vacation game! We played it when we were on Marco Island.


Wizard is a card game you can play with 3-6 players and is the ultimate game of Trump. What makes this game challenging is that you have to predict how many tricks you will take. If you go over or under, you will lose points. Each round adds more cards, making it increasingly more difficult.

This game is also perfect to bring on vacation! We played multiple times in Cabo San Lucas!

Purchase Game Here!


Telestrations is a hilarious game of telephone played through sketching! You can play with up to 12 players and honestly, the more players the better!

Purchase Game Here!

I recommend ordering Wizard and Telestrations to have on hand for impromptu game nights. You won’t regret it.

What do you do on gloomy Chicago nights?! I would love to know! Drop me a line in the comment section below.

XO, Lauren

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