What’s Coming in 2017

Hi loves!  Can I just tell you that I am so excited for 2017.  My husband and I have decided to live.it.up. before kids.  We’ve been living this way for the past few months… maybe you already gathered that from our spontaneous trip to the World Series?  Haha!  (You can read more about that crazy trip here.)  I thought I would write a post about all the exciting happenings on the forefront and what you can expect from this blog and from me.

Let’s start with the blog.

I created Sips & Sequins back in August when I was between semesters at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  I thought it would be a great way to share my travel and life experiences.  What I have discovered along the way is that it is an incredible creative outlet for me.  I didn’t really have a plan when I started other than just going for it.

My goal for this year is to generate new content every Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesdays, you will find travel related content and on Thursdays, you will find lifestyle related content.  With that said, I understand life can sometimes get in the way, so don’t kill me if I miss a post or post on a Friday.  Lol!!!  Since this is a Travel + Lifestyle blog, I am definitely aiming to blog about both equally.

This blog is constantly a work in progress.  You might notice small or large changes here and there.  I’m still figuring out my place in the blogosphere.  Please know that I love engaging with you guys, so I encourage you to comment and share your own stories with me!  I’d love to hear.

Moving right along.

Chris and I are going BIG with our travel plans this year.  So far we have the following trips planned:

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


We are in the process of planning:

  • New Zealand
    • Our flights are booked!
  •  Australia
    • We secured our visas!

We are still collaborating on where we want to hit up after Australia.  We are open to suggestions!  Currently on our list:

  • Fiji
  • Thailand
  • Bali

Aside from our personal travel, we also have seven weddings to attend… these will take us to 2 different countries and 3 different states.  Seven weddings probably sounds like a lot, but in 2015 we had 10 weddings to attend including our own!  2015 was seriously the craziest year ever.


We (more like I, haha) really wanted to start a family this year.  Unfortunately, the damn Zika virus has put all of that on hold for us.  This stupid virus is spread by infected mosquitos or can be sexually transmitted.  According to the CDC, it is suggested that women who travel to a Zika infested location wait eight weeks after travel before trying to get pregnant.  But… if men travel to a Zika infested location, they are suggesting to wait six months after traveling there!  Chris and I will clearly be traveling together, so that’s just great.  Zika virus, you’re the worst.  Since we’ve had Puerto Rico and Cabo planned for awhile now, expanding our family has been pushed way back and we’ve decided to jam pack the front half of 2017 with travel.  For more information on Zika, go here.

OK!  I told you we had a lot to look forward to this year!!! Stay tuned!!!

XO, Lauren

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  1. So excited to hear your travel plans. Sorry about the ZIKA virus scare affecting planning your family, but you are correct to use this time to travel and experience all the world has to offer. It will prepare you to be the parents ever. Lauren, I know you have the best parents for role models! Chris’s family is very nice also.

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