The Shampoo That Brought My Hair Back to Life

Hi Friends! It’s been awhile! Oh, how life has changed over here now that I have a cute little baby. Actually… it seems like every aspect of my life changed the second I got pregnant. Lol! One of the things that SO many people told me would change during pregnancy was my hair – for the better. Unfortunately, I saw little to no change. If anything, my hair actually felt lackluster and dull. I never felt it got thicker or shinier. Such a bummer!

My friend, Colleen, happened to reach out to me in my third trimester asking if she could send me some hair products to try and review. As a market partner for Monat, she asked me if I had any hair concerns. I said I didn’t have any. Honestly, I’m SUPER picky with hair products and was prepared to not love the products she was sending out. (Check out my hair care routine here.)

Colleen ended up sending me a nice variety of products to try. One of the first things I noticed was that all the shampoos said to wash your hair twice.


The first wash was bizarre. It didn’t mix in my hair easily and felt sticky! I was actually annoyed thinking what is this shampoo?! The instructions say to leave it in for 2-3 minutes and then wash again. On my second wash, the shampoo did lather up and felt much better. I must have had a TON of build up on my hair. I followed up with the conditioner that she sent.


After my shower, I applied the blow out cream. It smells AMAZING.


Tip – A little goes a long way! Only apply it from your ears down and then whatever you have left on your hands can be applied to your roots.

My hair felt so funky during the first blow dry after using these products. It still felt sticky and was almost hard to dry. The next morning, though, omg. I woke up with voluptuous, beautiful hair. My dull, lackluster hair was brought back to life. I was so intrigued that I couldn’t wait to use the products again.

Besides the very first time I washed and styled, my hair has felt super silky. That sticky weird feeling went completely away. I’ve now been using the shampoo and conditioner exclusively for two months and I’ve never been happier with the condition of my locks. My hair is super healthy now.

It should be noted that before I started using Monat, I was about to invest in a new hair straightener. It wasn’t making my hair straight anymore even on the highest setting. When I first received the Monat product, Colleen told me to lower the heat settings on all my styling tools. She said, “you wouldn’t use a hot iron on silk, would you?” I thought to myself “Yeah, right. There is no way I can lower my heat settings, but okay…” You guys – my hair straightener goes up to 35 and I can now get my hair bone straight on 25. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping my straightener. 🙂


Colleen sent me two other shampoos – Revive for volume and Smoothing for a more sleek look. I could see a big difference with the Revive shampoo, but didn’t see a change in my hair with the Smoothing shampoo. In my opinion, the Revive shampoo smells incredible and I would use it for that reason alone. Haha.

To find out which products will work out best for your hair specifically, take Colleen’s hair quiz! Or if you are interested in any of the products I mentioned, you can reach out to Colleen directly at (217) 412-6040.

Cheers to happy hair!

XO, Lauren

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  1. Fantastic article! Thank you for giving these a go even when you were hesitant! Your hair looks fantastic!! 😍

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