Everything You Need to Know About the Stranger Things Popup Bar and Why You Need to Go NOW

Ok, Stranger Things fans. Listen up. You only have until October 1st to transport yourself into The Upside Down. In case you didn’t hear, Netflix sent Emporium Arcade Bar a friendly cease-and-desist letter asking them not to extend the fun past their initial six week run. With only a few days left, here is everything you need to know about the Stranger Things Pop-up Bar.

Try to plan your visit on an off day and time. My girlfriends and I went at 7 pm on Wednesday night and the line took 45 minutes to get through! We were shocked how long the line was. I highly suggest you do not go home to “get ready” after work – go straight to the bar located in Logan Square (2367 N. Milwaukee).

Hours: W-F 5pm-2am, Sat 12pm-3am, Sun 12pm-2am (closed M-T)

The cocktail menu features six specialty cocktails for $10 a piece. Albeit creatively named and very tasty, they are served in small glasses. Eleven’s Eggo’s and the Demogorgon are slushy drinks, but due to the abnormally warm weather the bar was warm and their slushy machines can’t seem to keep up! There was a 15 – 20 minute wait for the machines to get frothy again. If you see the machines being used, seize the opportunity and order one ASAP. If cocktails aren’t your thing, there are seven craft beers on the menu for $6 + Chief Hopper’s fav – a Schlitz Tall Boy for $4.

Photo Credit: Emporium Chicago
Photo Credit: Emporium Chicago
Eleven’s Eggos | Photo Credit: Emporium Chicago

It’s really hard to take pictures because of the lighting and there will be a line to take a picture on The Byers’ sofa. If for some reason there is an individual just sitting there enjoying his cocktail… don’t be afraid to ask him to get up so you can get your picture! I’m sorry – but hogging the couch is only something a demogorgon would do. [Insert eye roll] Also, don’t be that guy. 🙂

Stranger Things Pop Up Bar The Byers' Couch

Look up! Obviously, you’re hanging out in The Upside Down! There is a whole room of furniture on the ceiling, including a table featuring Eleven’s favorite meal – Eggo’s!

Photo Credit: Emporium Chicago

If you see a place to sit down (aside from The Byers’ sofa), grab it. With all the fun cocktails on the menu + the ridiculously long wait to get in, you’ll be ready to sit, chill, and take in the 80’s jams. Note: you have to order your drinks from the bar as there are no waitresses.

Photo Credit: Emporium Chicago

Eat before you go or plan to grab dinner after. They don’t serve food. However… there was a Mexican guy walking around with a cooler of homemade tamales. I seriously contemplated buying a baggie. Yum.

And that’s a wrap!

XO, Lauren


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